I retain copyright on all the artwork produced, this includes artwork featured on greetings cards. 

With your permission, the finished portrait is showcased on my website, (clients who do not wish their commissioned artwork to be displayed in my gallery must notify me when ordering).

Clients are responsible for the photographs they provide. They must obtain the permission to use any photographs taken by a third party before the photographs are sent.


I require a deposit before work can start. I will invoice you the total cost, plus the deposit amount, before I begin the artwork. 


If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your order within the first seven days of paying your deposit, this will be refunded back in full.


The remaining payment is required before your piece of finished artwork can be delivered. Clients living in the UK can pay via Bank Transfer or cheque. Clients living outside the UK must pay via Bank Transfer.



Delivery costs vary depending on the size of the artwork and destination. 

Featuring artwork on greetings cards!

There may be a chance that I ask to feature your pet portrait on the front of a greetings card. If you are happy to do so, your final payment will be reduced and the original artwork will be sent to you within the first week of completion. The greetings cards featuring the artwork will be displayed and sold on my website as well as in stores. All future profits made from selling the greetings cards featuring the artwork will be retained by the artist.