Pet Portraits

First step: Taking a good picture!

As I work from photographs, they need to be high quality and clear. The better the photos, the better the portrait! 

Try to choose photographs that capture your pet’s personality and character well, (please include favourite toys or blankets).

Second step: Get in touch!

Once your photographs are ready and you have an idea of size, you can contact me by email, telephone or text.

We will discuss your pet portrait in great detail so I know exactly what you want before I start the artwork. I will also be able to give you an accurate price quote, including delivery charges.

A deposit will be charged before I begin any work. 

Prices for artwork:

Prices below act as a guide only, please

get in touch for your own unique price.


A4 size artwork featuring one pet starts from= £75

A4 size artwork featuring two pets starts from = £140

For any more sizes please get in touch!


Turning your pet illustration into a greetings card

How do you feel about having your beloved pet featured on a greetings card?

Sometimes I get so inspired by a finished piece of artwork that I may ask to feature your pet portrait on the front of a greetings card. If you are happy to do so, your final payment for the commission will be reduced and the artwork will be sent to you within the first week of completion. (Please read through the Terms and Conditions regarding this).


The greetings cards featuring the artwork will be available to purchase on my website as well as a number of stores selling my cards. (Please get in touch for more information regarding store locations).  

Final greetings card design